The STEM Foundation Nepal is an innovation driven not for profit company, an organization that connects STEM leaders with the STEM Educators and STEM aspirants. It encourages the young genius minds for STEM learning for creating the foundation of future developed Nepal. STEM Foundation Nepal informs the students, educators and the parents about the global opportunities and take them for the global exposures; at the same time it helps all the parties to actively participate in the local activism to fight the local problem. STEM Foundation Nepal is connecting with the global STEM based organization to extract the best possible support for developing the future of Nepal through STEM education, innovation and initiatives.

STEM Global Initiative

STEM curriculum and initiative has been implemented by the developed countries for last many years. The Obama government specially enforced the initiative in the USA from 2008 in every states with major agenda. The European countries has focused it as a mainstream education with the vision of creating the future job of technology and preparing high skilled manpower for the advanced world. Developed Asian countries have been enthusiast to prove themselves globally competitive and now it has been the hot cake for the global market. No STEM jobs will get paid higher tomorrow. So its responsibility of the world government to prepare future STEM generation.

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Forming Stem Club
Forming STEM Clubs in Schools STEM Clubs are a powerful and highly enjoyable way to engage students
STEM Club benefits
STEM Club benefits: STEM Club benefits the country with the transformation of a curious young mind ...
Future STEM Careers
Future STEM Careers In a world where a solid education is necessary for entrance into any career pa...

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